Reading: Improving Positive Attitudes through Cooperative Learning


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Improving Positive Attitudes through Cooperative Learning


V. K. N. Kurukulaarachchi

CINEC Campus, Millennium Drive, IT Park, Malabe, LK
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Department of Education and Languages
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The study examined the practice of cooperative learning and working in groups have improved attitudes towards group work, communication, interpersonal skills and achievement of students. Objectives of the study are to develop positive attitude towards Social studies, to enhance the teamwork of students and achieve better productivity and to develop self-management skills. To achieve the objectives of the study the Grade 5A class has been selected and thirty-five students have participated in the study. Random sample have been used to select the respondents and both primary and secondary data collection methods have used. Data collection techniques were questionnaire and interviews for students and observations and reflective report of the teacher researcher. Study found that working in groups also can change the attitude of the students. The study revealed that there is a slight increase in attitude towards Social Studies after group work. Further the students appreciated working with one another on solving problems. Particularly when the students were in groups they feel more confident to do the work. Study revealed that cooperative learning helps to develop self-management skills since when the student gains more confident they will be able to manage themselves better.
How to Cite: Kurukulaarachchi VKN. Improving Positive Attitudes through Cooperative Learning. CINEC Academic Journal. 2019;3:63–7. DOI:
Published on 29 Dec 2019.
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