Reading: Effects of Global Factors on Sustainable Ship Recycling


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Effects of Global Factors on Sustainable Ship Recycling


Ranjith C. Gunawardena

CINEC Campus, Millennium Drive, IT Park, Malabe, LK
About Ranjith C.
Department of Marine Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Marine Engineering
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This paper examines the factors influencing ship recycling industry and their effect on the sustainability of the industry. It focuses on operations, which include current working practices of ship breaking facilities in global locations and regulations that govern these procedures. The objective of this study is to analyse how far the ship recycling operations stay within the existing regulations and whether any gaps exist, how best the future regulations and operational procedures can be improved in order to narrow down the existing gaps so that the sustainability of industry can be achieved. Major ship recycling yards in Asia are reviewed in this paper since they contribute to almost all the ship recycling currently take place globally.
How to Cite: Gunawardena RC. Effects of Global Factors on Sustainable Ship Recycling. CINEC Academic Journal. 2019;3:13–9. DOI:
Published on 29 Dec 2019.
Peer Reviewed


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